An Unwanted Journey: Creative Accompaniment in Paediatric Palliative Care

Author: Rubén Bild & Iván Gómez

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About the book

This book in the field of palliative care focuses particularly on providing emotional support and accompanying children and families on their journey through serious illness towards death and bereavement. The authors have spent many years working with children and families and also teaching professionals internationally. Their approach draws on their rich psychological and psychoanalytic knowledge and their extensive experience of teaching with experiential and psycho-dramatic techniques.

Rubén Bild, PhD, has been a pioneer in the field of palliative care for 30 years. He is a psychoanalyst trained by Anna Freud and a clinical supervisor in family therapy. He is the director of a therapeutic circus, Bild’s Inner Circus, where healthcare professionals receive training in communication techniques. He is the developer of the creative accompaniment approach to caring emotionally for dying children, adolescents, and bereaved families; and teaches this work throughout the world.

Iván Gómez, psychologist and Gestalt therapist, has been working for many years with bereaved children and families. He is the director of Centre for Grief therapy and co-director of the centre for creative accompaniment in Valencia, Spain. He runs courses and workshops on paediatric palliative care and bereavement.

Reader reviews

This book is a remarkable effort to capture a methodology of work, developed through an extensive experience working in Palliative Care and Psychotherapy, by listening, supporting and accompanying children and families on their painful journey through illness, death and bereavement. I would strongly recommend this book not only to any professional working on this field but also to anyone interested in growing emotionally and developing as a human being. Having had the opportunity not only to read this book but also participating in some of the workshops that both authors organise to teach their methodology throughout the world, I would strongly recommend to dive into the learning and values behind this book as it offers the opportunity to increase the awareness about our own vulnerability and use it as a way to encounter with other human beings going through very painful experiences.


I recommend this book for anyone working with children in a palliative setting. Many useful and colorful examples are used throughout the book to illustrate the concepts and techniques the authors are introducing. The last chapter is about grief and bereavement and provides some helpful strategies to use with families. The book opens many personal questions for me to be reckoned with when working in this field and also provides insight into how some things usually considered weaknesses by today's standards such as vulnerability, can be used as tools to work better with children and their families.

Hana K.

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